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Covid-19 Stay at Home Order - Amid the national crisis that we find ourselves all public gatherings are canceled at this time here at VCF.  WE are however attempting to substitute other media connection means to continue fellowship and ministry to needs.  We hope to see the spiking of virus cases level off soon so that normal social interactions can resume. For the meantime, please be aware of the pressing demands on our local hospitals and health care workers due to the influx of Covid-19 cases.  We urge you to avoid unnecessary trips to town or other public places.  Please pray for our elderly church and family members and our dedicated medical personnel.  As we work together we hope to see this pandemic brought under control with minimum loss.  As never before, let us be praying for the lost and watching for and making use of witness opportunities, phone, email, face book, whatever means are before us.  Let us use these for the Kingdom and for the glory of our Lord!